Farm Safety

The health and safety of farmers and farm workers is a major concern. The department, and its partners, is committed to helping reduce farm accidents and injuries.

A culture of improvement is key to eliminating workplace illness and injury to our farmers, their families and employees as well as farm visitors. The objectives are to promote health and safety awareness through education and training.

Staff works with the Society of Farm Safety Nova Scotia and the Transportation Committee of the Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture to meet these targets.

Farm Safety Nova Scotia is a nonprofit safety organization dedicated to advancing workplace health and safety within agriculture for Nova Scotia.

For further information on this organization, visit Farm Safety Nova Scotia.

The Farm Family Support Center offers a free and confidential consultation and referral service for Nova Scotian farm families seeking assistance. The Center offers guidance and support designed to help the individual family resolve issues. Call us toll free at 1-877-418-7555, before a problem becomes a crisis.

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