Competitiveness and Market Development

Assurance Systems

The Assurance Systems initiatives will support critical programs to facilitate early adoption of food safety systems, national traceability systems and national biosecurity systems. This theme will focus on outcomes that enhance the safety and security of Canada’s and Nova Scotia’s food safety systems. It will also recognize the need to minimize the occurrence and extent of risk incidents with programs that enable the sector to be proactive in managing risk.

Food Safety*



* Refer to Homegrown Success Program (HGS) guidelines

Other Programs

Food Safety Outreach

The Food Safety Outreach Program promotes the adoption of food safety systems by industry (including non-registered facilities) and is designed to educate stakeholders on food safety systems within the province. In addition, it will provide tools and information to stakeholders on food safety systems. The program will provide outreach and training for:

  • producers to meet national commodity standards and, in the absence of national standards, it will provide outreach and training for producers in general food safety principles;
  • new entrants, both producers and agri-businesses;
  • producers and agri-businesses transitioning into a new area or transitioning to a novel area for their product or commodity;
  • non-registered meat facilities to move toward implementation of national standards and, in the absence of approved national standards, toward draft national standards or CODEX; and
  • small producers, mixed farm operations and agri- businesses that do not belong to a national commodity group.

The Food Safety Outreach initiative has provided many opportunities to date. For a complete listing contact the coordinator listed below.

For more information contact Janice Gammie at 902-483-3328 or

Biosecurity Initiative

This initiative supports the implementation, enhancement and evaluation of biosecurity systems. Priority will be given to applications for activities that respond to national commodity biosecurity standards and market-based systems and requirements. Funding will be used to implement or enhance on-farm biosecurity systems, and to conduct projects that will test, evaluate or demonstrate the implementation of national and market-based biosecurity systems.

For more information contact Dawn Miller at 902-890-3377 or

Industry Growth and Development


THINKFARM support initiatives that attract new entrepreneurs to agriculture and food related ventures, nurtures their entrepreneurial capacity, and accelerates their competitive position in the marketplace. THINKFARM also assists existing farmers in the transition to a new farm or agri-business enterprise. THINKFARM facilitates access to information, programs, services and regulations that apply to farm businesses; puts farmers in touch with expertise both within and outside of the Department of Agriculture; and conducts and supports outreach and training activities to improve the knowledge and skills of beginning and transitioning farmers.

For more information contact Laura Boudreau at 902-893-5649 or

Agricultural Awareness

Agricultural Awareness projects under Growing Forward 2 enhancing the public image of modern agriculture in Nova Scotia. A secondary objective is to promote agricultural career options to youth and adults.

Agricultural awareness builds a greater understanding and appreciation for agriculture in the province and raises the profile of agriculture research, education and career opportunities. Higher interest in agricultural careers helps build capacity in the agricultural sector for a sustainable industry.

Agricultural Awareness programming focusses on training for teachers and other educators to build capacity for promoting, teaching and studying agriculture; the development of new online resources for agricultural education; and support for educational programs at agricultural events.

For more information contact Judy Grant at 902-893-6598 or