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No. 2 Construction Battalion: Nominal Roll

Reg Rank Name Former Next of Kin Address of Kin Birth Place Date
  Hon. Captain  Grant, James Stuart C.F.A.  Grant, Mrs. Ena Pearl  141 Powell Ave., Ottawa, Ont.  Canada  Pictou  August 2, 1916 
  Captain  Young, William Lee C.F.A.  Young, Mrs. Martha McKenzie  732, 14th Ave., W., Calgary, Alta.  Canada  Truro  September 1, 1916 
913344  Private  Albert, George Randolph   Albert, Mrs. Florence  64 Brussels St., St. John, N.B.  Canada  St. John  August 14, 1916 
931612  Private  Alexander, Roy   Alexander, Arthur  1407 Store St., Victoria, B.C.  Canada  Vancouver  October 23, 1916 
931592  Private  Bell, Ernest Alexander   Bell,Mrs. Florence  43 Frederick Ave., Hamilton, Ont.  Canada  Hamilton  October 23, 1916 
931838  Private  Brent, Robert U.S. Army  Lewis, Jones  1134 Penn Ave., Baltimore, Md., U.S.A.  United States  Truro  March 13, 1917 
931785  Private  Briscoe, George   Briscoe, John  1264 Ogten St., Denver, Col., U.S.A.  United States  Windsor  February 2, 1917 
931528  Private  Carr, Gaile U.S. Army  Carr, Mrs. Pearl  514 Poston St., Clarkesville, Tenn., U.S.A.  United States  Windsor  September 15, 1916 
931328  Private  Carty, Albert   Carty, Mrs. Fannie D.  239 Pitt St., St. John, N.B.  British West Indies  St. John  October 14, 1916 
931395  Private  Carvery, Vincent   Carvery, Mrs. Edward  Fairview, Africville, Haliax, N.S.  Canada  Halifax  January 8, 1917 
931194  Private  Cassidy, Robert   Cassidy, John  Africville, Halifax, N.S.  Canada  Dartmouth  June 1, 1917 
931735  Private  Castor, Lewis Lerry   Castor, Mrs. Jane  64 William St., Buffalo, N.Y., U.S.A.  United States  St. Catherines  January 7, 1917 
931685  Private  Clark, Ellwood   Clark, Alexander  Lexington, Ky., U.S.A.  United States  Windsor  January 2, 1917 
931062  Private  Clark, Randolph   Cumberbach, Constance  Cambridge, St. Joseph, B.W.I.  British West Indies  St. John  July 28, 1916 
931137  Private  Clarke, John   Clarke, Mrs. Ellen  Whitney Pier, Sydney, C.B., N.S.  Canada  Sydney  August 11, 1916 
931131  Private  Claybourn, Frank Morris   Claybourn, Mrs. George  Barker's Point, York Co., N.S.  Canada  Pictou  August 16, 1916 
931272  Private  Clyke, Joseph   Clyke, Mrs. Elizabeth]  Guysboro, N.S.  Canada  Truro  September 22, 1916 
931195  Private  Clyke, Joseph Palmer   Clyke, Mrs. Rachel A.  Truro, Colchester Co., N.S.  Canada  Truro  February 2, 1917 
1033054  Sergeant  Coates, Duckworth Can. Mil  Coates, Mrs. Florence Maud M.  553 Needham St., Fredericton, N.B.  England  St. John  June 26, 1916 
931825  Private  Cobby, Thomas   Cobby, Mrs. Addie  Cincinnati, O., U.S.A.  United States  Windsor  February 19, 1917 
931243  Private  CoConey, George            
931161  Private  Collins, John Louis       Canada  Halifax  August 8, 1916 
931005  Private  Collins, Sameul   Collins, John  Halifax, N.S.  Canada  Halifax  July 22, 1916 
931270  Private  Collymore, Grandville   Collymore, Mrs. Isidore  Barbadoes, B.W.I.  British West Indies  Truro  September 22, 1916 
931542  Private  Cook, William Can. Mil  Cook, Myrtle Irene  692 Ontario St., Toronto, Ont.  Canada  Toronto  April 1, 1916 
931718  Private  Cooper, Early   Cooper, Sadie  Darlington, S.C., U.S.A.  United States  Winnipeg  January 7, 1917 
931546  Corporal  Corbin, Percy Sinclair   Corbin, Mrs. Selina  32 South Albion, Amherst, N.S.  Canada  Owen Sound  September 27, 1916 
931501  Corporal  Courtnery, Henry Francis   Carter, Esther  35 Emslie St., Guelph, Ont.  Canada  Toronto  August 30, 1916 
931345  Private  Cox, Garnett Wesley   Cox, Mrs. Margaret  Sherbourn, St. John Barbadoes, B.W.I.  British West Indies  Truro  November 8, 1916 
931214  Private  Crawford, Bowman C.F.A.  Crawford, Mrs. Adelia  Yarmouth, N.S.  Canada  Yarmouth  September 4, 1916 
931688  Private  Crogger, William E.   McDonald, Mrs. Alice  Box 8, Margerete Flats 548 N. Senate Ave, Indianapolis, Ind., U.S.A.  United States  Windsor  January 2, 1917 
931083  Private  Cromwell, Arthur Benson   Cromwell, George E.  Weymouth Falls, Digby Co., N.S.  Canada  Weymouth  August 3, 1916 
931318  Private  Cromwell, Charles Joseph   Cromwell, Joseph  Danvers, Digby Co., N.S.  Canada  Truro  October 7, 1916 
931317  Private  Cromwell, James Aubrey   Cromwell, Mrs. Mary  Danvers, Digby Co., N.S.  Canada  Truro  October 13, 1916 
931312  Private  Cromwell, James Elmer   Cromwell, Mrs. Louisa  South Ville, Digby Co., N.S.  Canada  Truro  October 13, 1916 
931315  Private  Cromwell, Joseph Herbert   Cromwell, Mrs. Bertha E.  South Ville, Digby Co., N.S.  Canada  Truro  October 13, 1916 
931314  Private  Cromwell, Joseph Owie   Cromwell, Mrs. Louisa  South Ville, Digby Co., N.S.  Canada  Truro  October 13, 1916 
931302  Private  Cromwell, Neaily   Cromwell, Mrs. Maud  Weymouth Falls, Digby Co., N.S.  Canada  Truro  October 24, 1916 
931699  Private  Crosby, Herbert Henderson   Crosby, Mrs. Hazel  47 Degge St., Chatham, Ont.  Canada  Chatham  December 28, 1916 
931405  Sergeant  Cross, Ethelbert Lionel   Cross, Mrs. Eloise  16 Princt Albert St., San Fernando, Trinidad, B.W.I.  British West Indies  Halifax  January 2, 1917 
931341  Private  Croxen, James   Croxen, Mrs. Alice  Newport Station, Hants Co., N.S.  Canada  Windsor  October 30, 1916 
931379  Private  Curry, John   Bailey, Mrs. Mary  Thorne's Cove, Annapolis Co., N.S.  Canada  Truro  December 30, 1916 
931783  Private  Dabney, Percy   Dabney, Mrs. Martha  118 Lafayette St., Detroit, Mich., U.S.A.  United States  Windsor  January 29, 1917 
931827  Private  Darden, James   Darden, Mrs. Louisa  Arringdale, Va., U.S.A.  United States  Windsor  February 20, 1917 
931281  Private  Daring, William   Daring, Mrs. Margaret  Sherburne, N.S.  Canada  Truro  October 23, 1916 
931068  Private  Darlington, Clarence Aldolphus   Darlington, Sam  Glace Bay, C.B., N.S.  British West Indies  Sydney  July 28, 1916 
931401  Private  David, Bernard   David, Florence  Dartmouth, Halifax Co., N.S.  Canada  Dartmouth  January 9, 1917 
931411  Private  David, Sydney   David, Mrs. Mary  219 Grafton St., Halifax, N.S.  Canada  Halifax  January 17, 1917 
931158  Private  Davidson, Wilfred Jones   Davidson, Mrs. Bessie  114 Gottingen St., Halifax, N.S.  Canada  Halifax  August 10, 1916 
931762  Private  Davis, Fred   Lee, Mrs. Nellie  156 N. 17th St., Columbus, Ohio, U.S.A.  United States  Windsor  January 26, 1917 
931630  Private  Davis, Fred Alvin   Davis, Henry R.  Columbus, Ga., U.S.A.  United States  Windsor  November 14, 1916 
931835  Private  Davis, Harry E.   David, Mrs. Mabel  Tillsonburg, Ont.  United States  Windsor  March 15, 1917 
931815  Private  Davis, Phillip   Davis, Mrs. Amy  1607 Polaski Little Rock, Ark, U.S.A.  United States  Windsor  February 14, 1917 
931786  Private  Davis, Roy   Madison, Jockes  Morgantown, W. Va., U.S.A.  United States  Windsor  February 2, 1917 
931618  Private  Day, Harry Linden   Day, Mrs. Minnie  140 Grace St., Toronto, Ont.  United States  Toronto  November 3, 1916 
931273  Private  Day, Lavin   Day, Mrs. Harriet  Big Tracadie, Antigonish Co., N.S.  Canada  Truro  September 21, 1916 
931354  Private  Dixon, George Richard   Maxwell, Mrs. Cassie  84 Spar Cove Rd., St. John, N.B  Canada  Truro  December 1, 1916 
931541  Private  Dorsey, Joseph Mellivan   Dorsey, Mrs. Edith  54 Page St., St. Catherines, Ont.  Canada  St. Catherines  September 27, 1916 
931226  Private  Downey, James   Downey, Mrs. R.  4 West St., Halifax, N.S.  Canada  Halifax  September 1, 1916 
931319  Sergeant  Falawn, Marlow   Falawn, Mrs. Mary K.  64 Chapel St., Lowell, Mass., U.S.A.  Canada  Liverpool  October 11, 1916 
931683  Private  Freeman, Ralph S.   Freeman, Mrs. Laura R.  40 Morris St., Springfield, Mass., U.S.A.  United States  Windsor  December 29, 1916 
931276  Private  Gans, Young Joe   Henderson, Mrs. M.L.  144 Bell Ave., Grand Forks, N.D., U.S.A.  Canada  Winnipeg  September 18, 1916 
931689  Private  Garey, William D.   Garey, Mrs. Lizzie  449 Board St., Macon, Ga. U.S.A.  United States  Windsor  January 2, 1917 
931608  Private  Garnett, Charles   Garnett, Samuel  46 West St. Kingston, Jamaica, B.W.I.  British West Indies  Windsor  November 2, 1916 
931738  Private  Hall, Howard   Hall, Howard  1224 Humbird St., Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A.  United States  St. Catherines  January 20, 1917 

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