Nova Scotia Archives

African Nova Scotians

in the Age of Slavery and Abolition

Appendix 26: Surveyor General's plan of lands laid out for the Black Refugees at Beech Hill (Beechville), by order of Sir John Coape Sherbrooke, Lieutenant Governor. Certified by Surveyor General


All 29 appendices are available online. They are transcripts of original documents relating to the African Nova Scotians settlement of Nova Scotia after the War of 1812. Links are made between these transcripts and original documents available within the site. All names are also searchable.

Date: Publication No. 8, Halifax, N.S., The Public Archives of Nova Scotia, 1948

Author: Prepared by C.B. Fergusson, Assistant Archivist under the direction of D.C. Harvey, Archivist

Reference no.: Commissioner of Public Records  Nova Scotia Archives  RG 1 vol. 419 no. 28