Nova Scotia Archives

Built Heritage Resource Guide

Genealogies, Community and County Histories

When you're tracing the history of your home or property, you should also include family genealogies, community and country histories at the top of your list for early research. These publications invariably have a wealth of information about the people who lived in your house, other heritage homes and businesses in your community, and maybe even detailed information about your own home.

If you're visiting Nova Scotia Archives in person, check the Biography and Communities Card Catalogues for unpublished and archival material, plus the Nova Scotia Archives Library Card Catalogue for published items. If you're searching our Website before visiting the Archives, Search Library, the online version of our library catalogue. It includes the most popular community, county, biographical and genealogical publications consulted at the Archives, and will help you plan your research in advance.

Also check out the Genealogical Databases area of our Website for possible further leads on the people who occupied your home before you — and don't forget to visit our other Website, Nova Scotia Historical Vital Statistics Online, where you can explore 250 years of births, marriages and deaths in Nova Scotia.