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NSARM holds several real estate registers, 1877-78 and 1902. These catalogues list properties to be sold or leased, primarily in Halifax but also including a few from elsewhere in the province:

  • Wakefield and Naylor, Halifax & Provincial Real Estate Register..., 1877 [V/F, vol. 10, no. 15]
  • Naylor, John, Halifax and Dominion real estate register, Halifax, March and June 1878 [AK/ F91/ H13R]
  • Naylor, John, Nova Scotia real estate register: a catalogue [of properties] to be sold or let in Halifax and neighbourhood, and the province generally, 1902 [V/F, vol. 282, no. 38]

This Built Heritage Resource Guide is unusually rich in the information given in the Note Areas accompanying most images. So... when you scan down the pages, be sure to click on the thumbnails so that you can enlarge and explore the images, plus read the extra details provided beneath each.

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Halifax & Provincial Real Estate Register 
Date: 1877
Reference no.: Nova Scotia Archives Library: V/F Vol. 10 no. 15

Topic: Real Estate Registers
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Nova Scotia Real Estate Register 
Date: 1902
Reference no.: Nova Scotia Archives Library: V/F Vol. 282 no. 38

Topic: Real Estate Registers
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"Old House at Willow Park Owned by the Piers Family" 
Date: 19?
Reference no.: Nova Scotia Archives Photo Collection: Places: Halifax: Houses: Piers House

Topic: Real Estate Registers
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