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William Mackay's 'Great Map'

NSARM has 110 flats (individual maps) for 'The Great Map of Nova Scotia', which was the first 'complete' and comprehensively-detailed map of the province to be produced. If we took all 110 sections and fitted them together, the map would be approximately 60' x 90' in total dimensions. The available flats cover most areas of Nova Scotia except Cumberland County and Cape Breton Island. Most of the maps show only principal roads, drainage systems, major land grants and public buildings; some, however, indicate individual residences.

This Built Heritage Resource Guide is unusually rich in the information given in the Note Areas accompanying most images. So... when you scan down the pages, be sure to click on the thumbnails so that you can enlarge and explore the images, plus read the extra details provided beneath each.

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Middle Stewiacke, Colchester County 
Date: 1834
Reference no.: Nova Scotia Archives Map Collection: Great Map, No. O91

Topic: William Mackay's 'Great Map'
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