Nova Scotia Archives

The Charitable Irish Society of Halifax, Nova Scotia

''Church of Our Lady of Dolours in the Cemetery of the Holy Cross, Halifax, Nova Scotia''


It was customary for members of the Charitable Irish Society to attend the funerals of deceased brothers. Michael Casey, Junior, joined the Society in February 1867 but his membership was brief because he died that July. Mr. Casey was a painter by trade, resided in Halifax, and was only 24 years old.

At 1:30 p.m., 72 members of the Charitable Irish Society assembled at Mason Hall before attending the funeral. The deceased was a member of the Union Engine Company and his body was drawn on a hose reel. The Union Engine Company members walked in front of the corpse; the family and mourners immediately followed the reel, and then members of the Charitable Irish Society. Mr. Casey was buried in Holy Cross Cemetery, South Park Street, Halifax.

Date: 1849

Format: Lithograph

Photographer: J.S. Clow

Reference no.: Documentary Art Nova Scotia Archives accession no. 1987-218 /  negative no.: N-1411