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Nova Scotia's 'Paving Programme'

Highway Reconstruction in the 1930s

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From 1934 to 1938, the Nova Scotia Department of Highways undertook a major highway reconstruction project known as the Paving Programme. A photographic record was compiled as work was carried out around the province, and to mark completion of the project, three large presentation albums of black-and-white photographs, 1936-38, were presented to the department’s Chief Engineer, R.W. McColough. Now, nearly eighty years later, those albums have been digitized and are displayed here for Internet visitors to explore.

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1936 Paving Project Album

Sydney Contracts

Irish Cove - Portage, East Bay

James River - Heatherton

Saltsprings - New Glasgow - Broadway

Town of Pictou

Truro Contracts

Lantz - Shubenacadie

Middle Sackville - Ardoise School

Ardoise School - Wolfville

Middleton - Bridgetown

Saulnierville - Weymouth

Eel Brook Aboiteau - Arcadia Corner

Freshwater Brook - Pubnico Head

Queens-Lunenburg County Line - Broad River

St. Margaret Bay Road

Preston Road


1937 Paving Project Album

Port Hawkesbury - St. Peter's

Monastery - Mulgrave

Broadway - Heatherton

Scotsburn Road - Alma

Kemptown - Saltsprings

Glenholme - Bass River

Atkinson Road - Springhill - Oxford

Truro Contracts

Fall River - Enfield

Middle Sackville - Ardoise School

Middleton - Annapolis

Annapolis - Victoria Bridge

Digby - Saulnierville

Meteghan - Darling's Lake

Pubnico Head - Arcadia Corner

Freshwater Brook - Pubnico Head

Walls Corner - Birchtown

Bridgewater - Queens-Lunenburg County Line

Mahone - Bridgewater - Lunenburg

Hubley's - Halifax-Lunenburg County Line


1938 Paving Project Album

St. Peter's - Irish Cove

Port Hawkesbury - St. Peter's

Monastery - Mulgrave

Heatherton - Monastery

Kemptown - Saltsprings

Upper Moose River - Atkinson Road

Bass River - Upper Moose River

Fall River - Enfield

Broad River - Wall's Corner

Birchtown - Atwood Brook