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Men in the Mines

A History of Mining Activity in Nova Scotia, 1720-1992

Genuine Letters and Memoirs Relating to the Natural, Civil, and Commercial History of the Islands of Cape Breton and Saint John

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"From the first settlement there to the taking of Louisburg by the English, in 1758, ... By an impartial Frenchman, [and] Translated from the Author's original manuscript" (London, 1760); pp. 58-61 are presented here, as one of the earliest descriptions in English of the Cape Breton coalfields. The "impartial Frenchman" was Thomas Pichon, secretary to Jean-Louis de Raymond, Governor of Cape Breton when the island was a French colony; Pichon joined the British in 1754, changed his name to Thomas Tyrell and worked as a spy. Title page.

Date: 1758

Reference no.:   Nova Scotia Archives  Library: F108 P59