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Commissioner of Public Records — Indians series

Invoice from William Smith to Michael Wallace for supplies provided for Mi'kmaq relief. Also includes letter from Smith to Wallace noting that once the Mi'kmaq recovered from whooping cough, he advised them where game was located and the Mi'kmaq then had a successful hunt, killing several bears, one moose and wildcats.

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Michl. Wallace Esqr. to William Smith Dr for supplies
furnished to three families of Indians in 1801 and 1802
£ S [?P]
Decr. 18th 1801 To John [Wills?] 1 bushil potatoes 0:2:0
Do 20 To John [Tom?] 1 bushel of potatoes - 0:2:0
Do 24th To John Wills in behalf of the three
families one fat sheep-0:15:0
Do by an order on W. Lake for one bushel of
wheat and two of Indian corn the wheat
at 8/s and the corn at 6/s per bushil } 1:0:0
Do 30th To Peter [Nugent?] 1 Bushil potatoes- 0:2:0
Jany. 2d. 1802 To John Wills 1 Bushil potatoes 0:2:0
Do the 6th Do Wn. Do. ------ 0:2:0
Do the 11th when moving off To John Tom 1 Bushil [peas?] 0.8.0
Do to Wills 1 Bushil [peas?] and salt- 0.8.6
Errors [?Excepted] William Smith

Douglas 22 Feby 1802
Dear Sir
as soon as the families of Indians got better
of the hooping cough I advized them to move and part to
defrent [different] parts where they would be most likely to find
game they accordingly did and have since killed
several Bears one Moose wild cats &c and can maintain
themselves -they were in a suffering condition when I
received your letter and they got timely aid for which
they seemed thankfull to government - I let them have
a [illegible] at crismass [christmas] time when at the worst to make
broth for the sick children and a bushil of wheat to
make some better bread two of their children died with
the cough ____
I am Dr. Sir yours sincearly
W. Smith
Michl. Wallace Esqr.
[?P.S.] Please send me the amt. of the above act. by my son
Isaac - W. S.

Mentions names of heads of Mi'kmaq families that received relief. Signed at Douglas, which no longer exists as a place name.

Date: 1802

Retrieval no.: Commissioner of Public Records — Indians series Nova Scotia Archives RG 1 Vol. 430 No. 103