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Commissioner of Public Records — Indians series

Return of Indian meal, blankets and potatoes issued to Mi'kmaq in the eastern district of Nova Scotia.

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Return of Indian Meal Blankits [Blankets] & Potatoes received from
Micheal Wallace Esquire Commissioners for the Use of [Decayed?] &
Orphan Indians residing in the Eastern District of Nova Scotia between
the 1st day of January 1802 & 31th March Included _______Vizt.____

Quantity Received & To Whom Issued | Indian Meal 1680 Lbs | Blankets 20 Pair | Potatoes 150 bush[el]s
4th. Jany. Molly [Porpus?] Widow & Several Children ..84..1..3
Madilene a Very Old Widow ..84..1..2
[Fransway?] a Lame Indian & Wife old..84..1..10
Captn. Marble Wife and Children very Poor...84..1..10
Captn Thomas Wife & Family old ...84..1..6
Old Catherina with four Grand Children ...105..1...8
To Widows With Familys at Country Harbour [recommend?] by Hudson...168..2..15

25 Jany Mary Soloman Widow & Child ...105..1..8
Widow Prosper with Seven Children ...126...2...9
John Batist wife and Family a Cripple ...126..2..10
Hannah very old Indian Woman...63..1..5

4th Feby Mary Joseph old [?do] Woman...63..1..5
Monarch Micheal Widow & three Children...105..2...6
Joseph Gays Widow ..42..1..8
Margeret Joseph Widow ...42...1...8
[Newil?] Brinaugh & Family ...84...1..10
Molly Peter & Child... 84..1..6
A Cripple Orphan Girl Maintained by Porpus ...42..1...4
Molly [?Selone OR Setone] Orphan....1...4

1st March [Luce?] Marble & Two Children...1..4
Willmot & [Lequire?] old men Lives at Pomquit...42..2....
Sarah Indian Woman....21..1..2
16th Phillip old Tracida Indian...1.."
Mara Marble & Child ....1.."
18th. Molly Martin Widow & Family ...42...2...2
Hannah Orphan Girl ...1 5

31st John Batiste Jun[io]r Squa[w] & Several Children ...1....
1680_33_150 [totals]

Blankits remains on hand ...... 7
Errors Excepted
Guysboro County Sydney 31 March 1802
Wm. Nixon

Mentions names of Mi'kmaq recipients, many of whom have only given names and no surnames listed. E.g. Old Catherine, Madilene "a very old widow," Hannah "very old Indian woman," Sarah "Indian woman," Hanah "orphan girl," "a cripple orphan girl maintained by Porpus" [no name given], Jacob "a sick Indian," Lewland "a wife and large family," and Sequire "an orphan boy."

Date: 1802

Retrieval no.: Commissioner of Public Records — Indians series Nova Scotia Archives RG 1 Vol. 430 No. 109