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Letter from James Sutherland to M. Wallace requesting relief for Mi'kmaq residing in Sheet Harbour.

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Sheet Harbour Novr 16th 1802

I have from a principal of humanity for the
Distresses of some poor Indian familys residing in
this place and in consequence have taken the liberty
of soliciting your intrest [interest] with his Exelency [Excellency] Sir
John Wentworth Bart. to allow them some provisions
to help them through the winter They are also [in - crossed out] much
in want of Blankets. I have seen them in so distress
that those of large families were obliged , whilst a part
of them put on all the Cloathing they have
[to beg around the settlement? - written above so insert here] the rest sat
naked in the wigwams, and I am much afraid without
they have some relieif [relief] they will be little better this
winter~ Inclosed is a return which Mr. McCondachy
has very Correctly made out, as he is best a[c]quainted
with them and worthy of every Confidence

I am
with Great Esteem
your Most Obdt. Serv[an]t .

Ja[me]s. Sutherland

Mic[hae]l. Wallace Esqr

Date: 1802

Retrieval no.: Commissioner of Public Records — Indians series Nova Scotia Archives RG 1 Vol. 430 No. 119