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Items regarding land in Nova Scotia that is not included within the Crown Reservations

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26 1/2

To His Excellency John Wentworth L.L.D. Lieutenant Commander in Chief in and over His Majesty's Province of Nova Scotia etc. etc. etc.
The Memorial of John Christopher Rudolf of Lunenburg in behalf of sundry Indian Families at Le Have River

[Humbly] [Sherweth],

That the said Indians to Wit Solomon Jeremiah, Michael Jeremiah, Joseph [Clod?], Peter Martin and others; find Hunting of late much decrease, by reason of the Settlements made, are desirous of Cultivating lands and making Farms to Support themselves and their respective Families ---

Therefore pray your Excellency will be pleased to take their Situation into consideration and Grant them a Certain Tract of Land at or near Le Have River to Settle thereon for the above purpose

And your Memorialist as in Duty Bound shall ever pray ----
Jn. Chr. Rudolf
in behalf of the above mentioned Indians

Halifax 1st May 1793

Requested by Mi'kmaq Chief Philip Bernard including Warrant to the Chief Surveyor of Lands Charles Morris to measure and lay out 500 acres at St. Margaret's Bay, with Morris' reply, and original memorial from Bernard. Also, a memorial from Solomon Jeremiah, Michael Jeremiah, Joseph Glod and others regarding land upon which to settle.

Retrieval no.: Commissioner of Public Records — Indians series Nova Scotia Archives RG 1 Vol. 430 No. 26 1/2