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Mi'kmaq Holdings Resource Guide

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Preserving the language of archival records

A major objective of the Mi'kmaq Resource Guide has been to bring together a wide range of materials from the rich documentary heritage of the Mi'kmaq in Nova Scotia and to present these records impartially, free and devoid of any imposed opinions or interpretations.

For this reason, the Mi'kmaq Resource Guide does not remove wording or revise the content of any original archival material included within its scope - even if, to present-day researchers, the wording of these documents appears to be biased, archaic or offensive.

Many of these records were created in the 1700s and 1800s, when people viewed the world around them and expressed themselves very differently from the way we do today. The role of the archivist is to make these documents available to all who are interested in using them to expand their own knowledge and understanding of the Mi'kmaq in Nova Scotia.