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Harry Piers: Museum Maker

4096 — ''Paragorgia arborea (Linn.). (Red phase)''


Notes from Piers Accession Book:

Scientific Name: Paragorgia arborea (Linn.).  (Red phase) Classification according to Whiteaves' Catalogue of Maine Invertebrates,  1901:  Phylum:   Coelenterata, Class: Anthozoa or Actinozoa, Sub-class:  Alcyonaria; Order:  Pseudaxonia, Family:  Briarcidǣ

Common Name:  One of the Alcyonarians; brought up in the Cape Cod-St. Pierre telegraph cable, in from 500 to 600 fathoms of water, about 75 miles to the SSW of Cape Sable, N.S., between Brown's & George's Banks.  Cable SS. "Minia." by Chief Officer Jas. Adams (c.d.) Cable S.S. "Minia", Halifax.  (He telephoned us about these on 26 Dec. 1913.)

Quantity:  8

Remarks:  Colour whitish coral-red.  Determined by a professor at the Atlantic Biological Station, St. Andrews, N.B., Aug.1916.

Date Accessioned: 30 December 1913

Reference no.: Harry Piers accession number 4096  Nova Scotia Museum Zoology Collection