Nova Scotia Archives

Acadian Genealogical Sources

Planning a research trip to the Nova Scotia Archives in search of your Acadian ancestors? Wanting to know what general background books are available to provide more information about your Acadian heritage? Check out this brief guide to resources available onsite at Nova Scotia Archives. Don't forget that many of these items can be ordered, via your local library, from institutions participating in Interlibrary Loan Services.

General Histories:

Arsenault, Bona, History of the Acadians, Ottawa, 1978. Library : F5060 A781 1978

Griffiths, Naomi E.S., The Contexts of Acadian History, 1686-1784, Montreal, 1992. Library : F6060 G855

Lanctôt, Léopold, L'Acadie des origines 1603-1771, Montréal, 1988. Library : F5060 L244

Moody, Barry, The Acadians, Toronto, 1981. Library : F5060 M817

Parette, Henri-Dominique, Peoples of the Maritimes: Acadians, Tantallon, 1991. Library : F5060 P221

Ross, Sally and J. Alphonse Deveau, Les Acadiens de la Nouvelle-Écosse hier et aujourdhui, Moncton, 1995. Library : F5060 R826 D489 1995

Ross, Sally and J. Alphonse Deveau, The Acadians of Nova Scotia Past and Present, Halifax, 1992. Library : F5060 R826 D489

Preliminary Reading for Planning Genealogical Research:

Marble, Allan E., A catalogue of published genealogies of Nova Scotian families, Halifax, 1979

Punch, Terrence M., Genealogical research in Nova Scotia, Halifax, 1998. Library : CS88 N69 P85 1998

Punch, Terrence M., editor, Genealogist's handbook for Atlantic Canada Research, Boston, 1989. This publication includes a section on Acadian genealogical research, pages 126-136. Library : CS 88 A88

General Published Genealogies:

Arsenault, Bona, Histoire et généalogie des Acadiens, 1978, six volumes Library : F5069.9 A781

Report concerning Canadian Archives for year 1905, Ottawa, 1906, volume 2, includes the journal and census of Ile Royale prepared by le Sieur de la Roque, 1752, and Placide Gaudet's Acadian genealogies and documents. Library : F80 C16R 1905 vol. 2

White, Stephen A., Dictionnaire généalogique des familles acadiennes, 1636 à 1714, Moncton, 1999, two volumes Library : CS89 W44 1999

Significant Archival Sources for Acadian Genealogy:

Card catalogues — Biography card catalogue — organized by name of individual and by surname; Churches — listed by community with subheadings by name of parish or denomination (Most church registers are still held in the local parishes); Cemeteries — listed by community; Places — by name of community, township, district and county in alphabetical order; Miscellaneous — Acadians; and Library — Acadians.

Groupe de recherche sur les sources archivistiques acadiennes, Documents relatifs à l'histoire acadienne: Inventaire analytique des 25 premiers volumes de RG 1, Fredericton, 1988. Library : F5060 D636

Centre d'etudes acadiennes, Registre de l'Abbé Charles-François Bailly, 1768 à 1773 (Caraquet), Moncton, 1978. Library : CS88 C261 B158

"An Acadian Parish Remembered", searchable database of registers for parish of St.-Jean-Baptiste, Annapolis Royal, 1702-1755

Punch, Terrence M. Religious marriages in Halifax, 1768-1841, from original sources, Halifax, 1991 (includes entries for Chezzetcook residents)

Marble, Allan E., Deaths, burials, and probate of Nova Scotians, 1749-1799, from primary sources [ 2 vols.] and . . . 1800-1850 . . . [4 vols.]

Nova Scotia civil registration of births and deaths, 1864-1877, and marriages 1864 to about 1908 — by county

Census records — French Regime, 1671-1753 (microfilms 12084-12085); British Colonial, 1811-1861 (incomplete); and Canadian Federal census records, 1871, 1881, 1891, and 1901. The 1871-1901 censuses list everyone in the household.

Land Records — Land Papers and land grants [] [alphabetical card catalogues, Reading Room] and Registry of Deeds — organized by county

A.F. Church's County maps published between 1865 and 1888 identify individual landholders and their locations in all 18 N.S. counties. Acadians were primarily in the following — Antigonish (1878), Digby (1871), Guysborough (1876), Halifax (1865), Inverness, (1887), Richmond (1888) and Yarmouth (1871).

Court of Probate records — organized by county

Newspaper vital statistics — See Genealogical Association of Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia Vital Statistics from Newspapers, 1769-1856 (10 vols.); Obituaries from the Sydney Post-Record, 1945-1956 (2 vols.); obituary index to The Chronicle-Herald, 1961 to Jan. 1999; obituary index to the Casket, Antigonish, covering Antigonish Co., Guysborough Co., and Cape Breton Island, 1852-1970 [microfilms 1145-1150], death and marriage notices in Cape Breton Island newspapers, pre-1900 [index card catalogues, Reading Room]; and Vital Statistics from New Brunswick newspapers, 1784-1876.