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African Nova Scotians

in the Age of Slavery and Abolition

"Halifax List: Return of American Refugee Negroes who have been received into the Province of Nova Scotia from the United States of America between 27 April 1815 and 24 October 1818"

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Name Gender Age
Watts, John Male  20 
Williams, Timothy Male  84 
Woodward, Jesse Male  50 
Wilson, William Male  44 
Wilson  Wife of William Female  24 
Williams, William Male  36 
Williams  Wife of William Female  34 
Woodhouse, Henry Male  25 
Woodhouse  Wife of Henry Female  23 
Woodhouse, John Male  28 
Wilkins, Samuel Male  26 
Winder, George Male  34 
Winder  Wife of George Female  30 
Winder, Spencer Male  36 
Wise, William Male  50 
Wise  Wife of William Female  43 
Wilson, Moses Male  36 
Wilson  Wife of Moses Female  40 
Wilson  Child of Moses    
Ward, John Male  40 
Ward  Wife of John Female  39 
William, William Male  30 
William  Wife of William Female  24 
William  Child of William    
Williams, Jacob Male  27 
Williams  Wife of Jacob Female  23 
Wiley, Worsley Male  67 
Wise, William, 2nd Male  49 
Wise  Wife of William Female  36 
Wise  Child of William    
Wallace, James Male  72 
Winder, Levin Male  28 
Winder  Wife of Levin Female  27 
Winder  Child of Levin    
Wilson, George Male  37 
Wood, Samuel Male  29 
Wilkins, Samuel Male  26 
Wiley, Cesar Male  30 
Wiley  Wife of Cesar Female  28 
Watts, James Male  49 
Willis, Lewis Male  50 
Wiley, Daniel Male  40 
Wiley  Wife of Daniel Female  30 
Wiley  Child of Daniel    
Williams, Thomas Male  25 
Williams  Wife of Thomas Female  22 
Warren, Goree Male  20 
William, Anthony Male  40 
William  Wife of Anthony Female  34 
William  Child of Anthony    

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