Nova Scotia Archives

Photographs by A.E. Cornwall

Hantsport and Area, collected by B.R. Alexander

Group of army cadets; four leaders in front (left to right): Kenneth Beckwith, Norman Smith, Keith Bishop, G.O. Jacques; middle row (left to right): Todd Davison, Dick Bishop, Arthur ?, unknown, George Pearson, unknown, Bud Cohoon, Billy Delaney, Red Cameron, Kid Fleming, Alfred Steven, unknown, Roy Corbett; back row (left to right): Fred Beazley, Lloyd Fleming, unknown, Harry Lockhart, unknown, A. Riley, Everett Newcomb, Leadley Knewley, Charlie Teatridge, Bud Cottill



Photographer: A.E. Cornwall

Reference no.: A.E. Cornwall  Nova Scotia Archives 1984-497 number 179 /  negative: N-2749