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Beamish* is an internal digital-delivery service available only to researchers working onsite at the Nova Scotia Archives. It allows us to provide and share, in digital format, oversized and fragile material, often in large ‘runs’ not well suited to website presentation. Beamish resources are available on all public computers in the Reading Rooms at the Archives.

Below is a growing list of digitized content available on Beamish.

* Wondering about the name ‘Beamish’? We’ve named our internal digital-delivery service in honour of Thomas Beamish Akins (1809-1891), Nova Scotia’s first archivist.

/archives/buckley-george/ - 201611730

Dr. George Edward Buckley

Dr. George Buckley practiced as a physician in Guysborough County, Nova Scotia for 69 years. Consists of business records in daybooks and ledgers and photographs of family members, including himself.

/archives/marshall/ - 201901953

Royal Commission on the Donald Marshall Jr. Prosecution

Exhibits, witness testimony, and other records offer a window into a justice system unprepared and unwilling to accommodate the legal needs of First Nations and other cultural groups. This collection is vitally important, both for its vindication of wrongfully-convicted Marshall Jr., and for its role in shaping the Canadian and Nova Scotian justice systems we know today.

/archives/newspapers/microfilm/ - 201501083

Nova Scotia Newspapers on Microfilm

Explore this searchable database to plan onsite newspaper research at the Nova Scotia Archives – information about 8,951 reels of microfilm, for 536 different Nova Scotia newspaper titles.

/archives/maps/greatmap - 201586753

"The Great Map" William Mackay, 1834

"The Great Map," published in 1834 by William MacKay, is important as the first printed map to present the entire interior of Nova Scotia, “Compiled from Actual and Recent Surveys”. It was a ‘great’ effort then in size and scope, but unfortunately its greatness was neither achieved by the mapmaker himself, nor by the subsequent history of the product, which nevertheless remains a remarkable accomplishment for its time.

p:\collier.pdf - 201306531

John Collier Jr. Photographs of Digby County

John Collier, Jr. (1913-1992) was a leading American photographer of the twentieth century. He came to Nova Scotia at the invitation of Alexander Leighton, another American whose long-standing love of the province led him to secure Rockefeller Foundation funding to create a photographic record of everyday work and activities in Digby County, as part of a larger longitudinal health study. The resulting photographs were taken mostly during 1950 and 1951.

p:\heritage\Heritage Property Inventory Sheets Main Page.htm - 20161010

Heritage Property Inventory

The inventories were recently transferred from the Heritage Property Program, Culture and Heritage Development, NS Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage, to the Nova Scotia Archives. Specific inventories for Barns, Bridges, Churches, and Railway Stations have been digitized. Researchers will find a wealth of information on these topics.

p:\REplans.html - 201312503

Royal Engineers Maps and Plans

Search the Royal Engineers Maps and Plans index page and then click on the large format PDF file or save a smaller jpg image for personal reference and research.

p:\v6.html - 201320536

V6 - Historical Maps of Halifax

There are 345 digitized maps available from the V6 collection of historical maps of Halifax NS, dating from the 1640s to the 1970s.

p:\v7.html - 201402319

V7 - Historical Maps of Nova Scotia

There are 351 digitized maps available from V7 collection of historical maps of Nova Scotia (excluding Halifax), dating from the 1670s to the 1990s.

/archives/databases/smi/ - 20100921

Sound and Moving Images holdings at the Nova Scotia Archives

Search the Sound and Moving Images Database of holdings held at the Nova Scotia Archives.

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