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Cathrina Maragreta Lasle   Died: 31 May 1808


Lasle, Cathrina Maragreta

Born: 25 February 1774

Died: 31 May 1808

Age: 34 years   Note: tombstone is in German and translated here. It is in the form of an end rhyme poem.

Wife of: Henerich

God is Peace
Here rests missed by all Cathrina Maragreta Lasle the wife of Henerich Lasle born on 25 February 1774 died 31 May 1808 became 34 years 3 months and 4 days of age. Death came too fast to me and I had to leave behind so sad a husband and small children and also parents, brothers and sisters. From you I had to part now. God will also be your helper. God is leading me now from suffering and sorrow to Heaven. The ones I left behind and you, tombstone fill me with sadness.

Reference no.: Robert H. Campbell Nova Scotia Archives accession no. 1991-130 no. 68
Hillcrest Cemetery plot number: 210