Nova Scotia Archives

The Charitable Irish Society of Halifax, Nova Scotia

Communication from Rupert D. George, Provincial Secretary, regarding the distressful situation of Irish Emigrants stranded on Sable Island

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Newspapers often carried perilous account of emigrants travelling from Europe to Nova Scotia. The Acadian Recorder, 10 June 1826, p. 3, reported "The schooner Two Brothers, returned Sunday, from Sable Island, with 95 of the survivors from the ship Nassau; from 20 to 30 still remain on the Island; we are happy to hear that none of the passengers were lost, but the seven who perished in the first boat which left the ship."

A letter from R.D. George to Thomas G. Pyke on 10 June 1826 indicates the passengers were Irish [J.S. Martell, Immigration to and emigration from Nova Scotia 1815-1838, p. 55]. Lieutenant-Governor Sir James Kempt directed £100 to the Rev. John Carroll, Richard Uniacke and Lawrence Doyle, three senior members of the Charitable Irish Society, to provide aid to a number of Irish emigrants recently shipwrecked on Sable Island.

Date: 10 June 1826

Reference no.: Provincial Secretary’s Papers Nova Scotia Archives  RG 7 vol. 4 no. 39