Nova Scotia Archives

The Charitable Irish Society of Halifax, Nova Scotia

''Masonic Arch, Halifax, N.S. 1860''


The Masonic Arch was one of many arches which spanned Halifax streets to celebrate the visit of H.R.M. the Prince of Wales to Halifax in 1860. The Masonic Arch is in front of Free Masons Hall, Barrington Street. (Hon. Alexander Keith, wearing a top hat, stands under the arch, and the spire of St. Matthew’s Church is faintly seen in the distance.) Masons Hall was the gathering point and meeting place for the Charitable Irish Society. A sketch of the Hall, showing the front facade just prior to being demolished, appeared in The Morning Chronicle, 14 October 1903, p. 3. The accompanying news story mentioned Free Masons Hall was the headquarters of the Irish Society as well as all the National Societies in earlier years. The Masons only occupied part of the main floor; the building was also used for hotel purposes and noted, "many brilliant balls and dinners" were held there.

Date: 1860

Reference no.: Wellington Chase Nova Scotia Archives  no. 4