Nova Scotia Archives

The Charitable Irish Society of Halifax, Nova Scotia

Music Committee's Report


The Music Committee reports tenders of St. Patrick's Band, 63rd Band, 66th Band, and Hibernian Drum And Fife Corps to furnish music on St. Patrick's Day, 17 March 1890.

St. Patrick's Day began clear and cool but a blinding snow storm made the streets ankle-deep in mud. Nevertheless, the Halifax Acadian Recorder, 17 March 1890, p.3, reported the Charitable Irish Society had a good turnout with handsome banners in the procession which were viewed by many spectators. The newspaper also reported, "The procession was headed by Marshal John Walsh with his aids, Dennis Driscoll and J.W. Harrington, each mounted on handsome white horses, and followed by the 63rd and 66th bands, and the members of the Society."

The group proceeded down Spring Garden Road, and then along St. Paul's, Argyle, Jacob and Brunswick street to St. Patrick's Church where mass was celebrated. A collection was taken for the Roman Catholic Orphanage. After mass, the procession reformed and marched along Brunswick, Cornwallis, Water, Granville, George, Hollis, South and Pleasant streets to Spring Garden Road to the Drill Shed where rousing cheers were given for Queen Victoria, Ireland, and the President of the Society. The Charitable Irish Society members then dispersed before dinner at the "Halifax" that evening.

Date: 7 March 1890

Reference no.: Charitable Irish Society Nova Scotia Archives  MG 20 vol. 64 no. 8f