Nova Scotia Archives

The Charitable Irish Society of Halifax, Nova Scotia

''A.O.H. St. Patrick's Procession Sunday March 18 1923''


The Halifax newspaper Acadian Recorder, 25 February 1899, p. 2, commented on the demise of the annual St. Patrick's Day parade:

The procession or parade custom, so rapidly becoming obsolete, received another "dispense with" in the case of the Charitable Irish Society this year. The North British Society has long since abandoned it. In a short time a procession on any of the national "Saints" days will be looked on as a curiosity.

Nevertheless, the Ancient Order of Hiberians was holding St. Patrick's Day parades as identified in a letter from W.P. Hayden, Recording Secretary, Ancient Order of Hibernians, 1912, and the photograph of the A.O.H.'s Procession "Marching Down Gottingen St.", 1923.

Date: 18 March 1923

Photographer: J.C.M. Hayward

Reference no.: Tom Connors Nova Scotia Archives accession no. 1987-218 no. 791