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Nova Scotia Archives Coward Album, Bridgetown

Number 80, Number 81, Number 82, and Number 83

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80: The Daniels house made over by Judge K.L. Crowell.

81: There is a house between this one and the Crowell house. Once the Thomas Dearness home. The bldg. back of it is the Curling Rink. Taken in the 1940's.

82: This picture taken in the 1940's shows the old double house taken down and the Daniels house remodelled by Judge Crowell.

83: Granville St. east looking west. These coloured pictures were from a book printed through the enterprize of Mr. S.N. Weare about 1901. This taken from in front of the present Freeman Fitch house (George Hoyts).

Reference: Coward family Nova Scotia Archives Album No. 24

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