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Nova Scotia Archives Coward Album, Bridgetown

Number 127, Number 128, Number 129, Number 130, Number 131, and Number 132

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127: A cartoon of a Mr. Harry Barrett being chased down the main street in Bridgetown by Crazy Luce. See page 224 of my book.

128: A Masonic Lodge was started here in 1869 and this is a picture of the first four officers. The man seated is Rev. Harry Pryor Almon, the Anglican minister here at the time. I think the man at the right is Mr. Cambie, the engineer.

129: A political cartoon which I cannot explain. It might have something to do with Thomas Chesley, a lawyer of Bridgetown. He was disliked and often the subject of cartoons.

130: A group of girls in the Pine Grove Seminary, Middleton. This might be the one kept by Mr. Charles Chesley.

131: A picture of a midget with an ordinary sized child on her lap. Could she be the wife of General Tom Thumb? They were here once.

132: You may care to have this small picture of Hon. Jared Ingersoll Chipman Troop to put among the pictures of the Nova Scotian political figures. He was chosen Speaker of the Provincial Parliamant in 1871. His picture is in my book.

Reference: Coward family Nova Scotia Archives Album No. 24

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