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Number 134, Number 135, and Number 136

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134: This picture is in my book, but all these prints are much larger. This across the river looking north towards the old Red Bridge. The church is the Presbyterian, now the Masonic Hall. The house on the left was here owned by a Mr. Gibbons, who used it as an Inn. Later it was bought by Elias Langley, and with a large building added was called the St. James Hotel - later the Riverside Inn. It is now the Valley Services Hardware store and apartments. This original house was burned years ago. The house on the right was occupied by Constant Morse, Dr. Sturges, Capt. Peter McKay, G.V. Knight, Mrs. Alec. Fowler and now by Mrs. Fred Hoyt.

135: This is the old Mill looking north. Another Mill on the same brook can be seen in the background.

136: The old Mill on the west end of town. The house is now owned by Max Newcombe, but at one time was the Gilbert Fowler home. Looking south. The bridge is changed now, since the road to Granville was paved, and the mill gone.

Reference: Coward family Nova Scotia Archives Album No. 24

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