Nova Scotia Archives

Tom Connors: 'The Old Sport'

"Halifax Firemen Delegation to Fredericton, N.B."


Winners of First Prize Identification included.

Back row: Alfred Purcell; Wm. Ryan; George Maguire; Wm. Squires; Jos. Power; Thos. Griffin; Wm. Stone; John Brown. Middle row: John Brummitt; James Keiley; W. Clements; G. Akerman; J.E. Burns; H. Rutter; Jas Coady; George Weston; Wm. Lownds. Front row: John Sherlock; Art Lynch; Bert Brunt; Wm. Irons; Wm. Tomlin; Wm. Naphie; John Brooks

Date: 7 Aug 1912

Reference no.: Tom Connors Nova Scotia Archives accession 1987-218 no. 633