Nova Scotia Archives

George Creed - Mi'kmaq Petroglyphs

Tracing of a petroglyph of a human figure who may be interpreted as Windblower


Date: 1888

Petroglyph tracings E: Human Figures #7. 4 negatives and 5 positives. Marion Robertson's Rock Drawings of the Micmac Indians interprets this petroglyph as Windblower. A vigorous drawing of Windblower who's exploits with wizards conjuring a mighty breeze delighted the Micmacs. It was he who drove back with his blowing the disgruntled suitors of the Little Thunder's bride, and he who saved the bride of the young man who married a girl with raven locks and skin as white as snow." See MG 15 Vol 14 E7 for the petroglyph that possibly represents Thunder.

Reference: George Creed - Petroglyphs Nova Scotia Archives MG 15 Vol. 12 E7