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Archives concernant la Déportation et le Grand dérangement, 1714-1768


at Chignecto, the Pointe Seams to be Settled with them and they are to be removed, have Prisoner's in Forte Lawrance & Fort Cumberland, upwards of 400 Men of their Principals. The women & Children are Suffered to Lieve in their Housses and the Inhabitants throh out the Provinces it is Suposed will Suffer the Same Fate, althoh not Equally Guilty of open Violence, as those of Chignecto and Bay of Verte. I have the Pleasure to acquaint you that the Army in General Injoye a Good State of Health, and it is Likely Shall Soon have our Hands full of Disagreable Buisness to remove People from their Antient Habitations, which, in this part of the Countrey, are Verry Valuable. Since the Death of Lievt, Vanghan we have Two Gentlemen who put in for the Lievtenancy. Mr. Bridge who has a Breviate (which Colo Monckton Says was only to Give him Rank) and Ensign Fasett Each of whome Say they have your Excellency's Promise for the First Vacancy of a Lievtenant. your Excellency will be Pleasd to Direct in that Mattter, and Send the Commission as is most agreable. if Fasett Should have it would Take it as a Favor that Mr. adjutant Kennedy Might have the Ensignsee, have nothing Further to ad, but that I Continue to be with the Greatest regard your Excellency's Most Dutifull & Most obedient
Humble Servant,

To His Excellency Majr General Shirley, Govr. & Commander in Chief of His Majesty's Province of the Massachusetts Bay, &c., or in his absence To The Honble Eliakim Hutchinson, Esqr., at Boston.



AUGT. 22ND, 1755.      

Dr. SIR, —

      Yours of the 8th of Augt. Currant I Rece'd, and it a Perticular Account of the Total Defeat of General Bradock. which taken in all its Circumstances, is Most Exstrodenary thing that Ever in America and Unparrelled in History, that Such a number of English regular Troops (then which there Certainly is none Better) Should be Defeated by a Handful of French & Indians, & Directly to run away. Pray God keep my Countrey men from all Such Pannicks, and Give them that Corrage which has often Distinguishd and makes them the Terror of their Enemies where Ever they Show their Faces.

      I am now in Possession of your old Ground at Mines have Incampt here having the Church on my right of which I have Made a Place of Arms. the Church yard on my Left have 313 men officers Included and Exspect to bee soon reinforced. am Picquetting in my Incampment to Prevent a Supprise then which a Soldier has nothg more to Fear. am