Nova Scotia Archives

Eastern Eye

A Nova Scotia Filmography ~ 1899-1973

Title — Listing of release titles. Some titles appear in square brackets (i.e., [ ]), which indicate that the titles have been supplied by the archivist or researcher. Some titles may appear unorthodox or nondescriptive (e.g., Miscellaneous C or Film G). In most cases these are the proper "titles" given to home movies/amateur footage by the creator and have been left as such.
Subject(s) — Listing of subject headings. Headings have been taken from the Nova Scotia Subject Heading Authority and the Library of Congress Subject Headings. In order to avoid subjects with more than 30 entries (e.g., agriculture or fishing), the "Narrow Term" has been chosen over the "Broad Term." For instance, films on dairy farming or salmon fishing are listed under "d" and "s" respectively, rather than "a" for agriculture and "f" for fishing. Also, full corporate names have been listed instead of acronyms. Therefore, the Cape Breton Development Corporation appears under "c" rather than "d" for its popular acronym DEVCO.
Name(s) — Listing of proper names of all the cast and crew involved in production. "Cast" includes interviewers and interviewees, performers, narrators, hosts and actors. "Crew" includes producers, directors and writers, as well as camera and sound personnel.
Geographic names are also included in the integrated index, both as subject headings (a film about Yarmouth) and as locations (a film shot in Wedgeport about a tuna fishing tournament). Unless otherwise indicated, all place names are Nova Scotia locations.