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Nova Scotia. Department of Agriculture

Other forms of name: Nova Scotia. Department of Agriculture and Fisheries
Nova Scotia. Department of Agriculture and Marketing

In 1885 the Central Board of Agriculture was abolished and the Department of Agriculture established to replace it. Initially under the control of the Provincial Secretary, in 1926 the Department of Agriculture was merged in the new Department of Natural Resources. In 1930 the Department of Natural Resources was broken up, the Department of Agriculture reinstated and a minister of agriculture appointed. In 1934 the department was renamed Agriculture and Marketing. The first modern Agriculture and Marketing Act, passed in 1939, gave the department responsibility for agricultural organizations; encouraging cattle, horse and poultry breeding, and horticulture, seed-growing and dairying; prevention, control and elimination of plant diseases, insects and pests, especially the apple maggot; soil improvement; protection of cranberries, foxberries and blueberries; prevention and treatment of contagious diseases among bees; county and district agricultural exhibitions and fairs; agricultural education; grading, packaging, inspection and sale of natural products; distribution and sale of milk; and settlement of farm lands. In 2000 the department merged with Fisheries and Aquaculture. In 2006 the merged department was dissolved and Agriculture and Fisheries reverted to their former status as separate departments.

Notes: Authority record based on Statutes of Nova Scotia: 1885 c. 12, 1926 c. 10, 1930 c. 17, 1934 c. 14, 1939 c. 4, 2001 c. 4 and 2006 c. 44; Order in Council 2000-483 (28 September 2000).

see also Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture

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