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Nova Scotia. Department of Education

Other forms of name: Nova Scotia. Department of Education and Culture

Until 1949 the Education Office was under the control of the Council of Public Instruction and presided over by the superintendent of education as secretary to the council. In 1949 the Council of Public Instruction was abolished, a minister of education appointed and the superintendent replaced by a deputy minister. In 1953 the Education Act was revised and consolidated and the modern Department of Education came into existence. From 1985 to 1992 ministerial responsibility for education was divided between the Department of Education and the Department of Advanced Education and Job Training. In 1992 responsibility for post-secondary education and vocational and technical training reverted to the Department of Education. In 1994 the Department of Tourism and Culture was abolished and the Department of Education assumed responsibility for cultural affairs. The department's name was thereupon changed to Education and Culture. In 1996 the Nova Scotia Community College was separated from the department. In 1999 responsibility for cultural affairs and heritage was transferred to the re-created Department of Tourism and Culture, and the name Department of Education restored. In 2008 responsibility for apprenticeship and trades, technical, technological and applied arts training was transferred to the new Department of Labour and Workforce Development. Until 2011, Education was responsible for all matters relating to public schools and teaching, post-secondary education, including financial assistance for students; and the Provincial Library. In January 2011, responsibility for post-secondary education was transferred to the Department of Labour and Advanced Education (formerly Labour and Workforce Development) and for the Provincial Library to Communities, Culture and Heritage (formerly Tourism, Culture and Heritage).

Notes: Authority record based on Statutes of Nova Scotia: 1950 c. 52, 1953 c. 4, 1986 c. 19, 1992 c. 14, 1994 c. 31, 1995-96 c. 4, 2001 c. 4, 2008 c. 30; Orders in Council: 29 September 1949, 1999-399 (16 August 1999). Order in Council 2011-15 (11 January 2011).

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