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The Port Royal Habitation

Four Hundred Years of European Settlement in North America

Samuel de Champlain


Photograph of engraving by Théophile Hamel (1817-1870) which appeared in Pierre-François-Xavier, History and General Description of New France, trans. J.G. Shea, Vol. II (New York, 1866). Samuel de Champlain accompanied the de Monts expedition to Acadia in 1604. He explored and mapped the coasts of Acadia and northern New England over the next three years. Champlain commanded the expedition which established the French presence at Quebec and devoted the rest of his life to making that colony a success. He also found time to write and publish a number of books which described his explorations. They include Des sauvages (Paris, 1604), Les voyages du Sieur de Champlain (Paris, 1613), Voyages et découvertes faites en la Nouvelle-France (Paris, 1619), Les voyages du Sr. De Champlain (Paris, 1620) and Les voyages de la Nouvelle France occidentale (Paris, 1632).

Reference:  NSARM Photo Collection: People: Champlain, Samuel de; and Library and Archives Canada, 1997-476-73.