Nova Scotia Archives

Halifax and Its People / 1749-1999

Halifax from Fort Needham, ca. 1780


Along the waterfront is His Majesty's Navy Yard, with the adjoining Fort Coote at the far left. This blockhouse was erected in 1775 on a hillock just north of the yard, near the foot of present-day North Street; the fortification was named for General Sir Eyre Coote, a career soldier in the East Indies (India). In the distance is the Citadel (Fort George), considerably enlarged, repaired and strengthened during the 1770s by Captain William Spry, Commanding Officer of the Corps of Engineers. Spry's name has come down to us today through 'Spryfield', his country estate some 8km. southwest of Halifax, formed out of a crown land grant which he acquired in 1769.

Artist: Edward Hicks; engraved and published

Date: ca. 1780

Medium: aquatint with line etching (sepia tone), 31 cm. x 53 cm.

Reference no.: Nova Scotia Archives accession no. 1979-147 no. 614  / neg. no.: N-0505