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Au cœur de l'Acadie

Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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Endanger it that several other Buildings near and about the Fort had been Judg'd necessary to be pull'd down or otherways Destroy'd as they were a Shelter and Covering to the Enemy or might otherways Endanger the Fort if sett on fire by them but in the Execution of this there had been some times a Short Time allowed for Consultation and Appraisement at other times no such methods could be followed on the Danger being too Imminent and that as it happens Generally in such Cases where the Soldiers cannot. be kept within due Bounds Several Buildings were Burnt or Destroyed for wch no Orders had been Intended or Given That he the Presidt thought it very Reasonable a Just Compensation should be made to those that suffer'd from the Calamity and Necessity of the Times. But as the Board were Sensible that by the Want of a proper Authority to Levy Taxes on the Inhabitants there was no proper Fund to provide for such Losses or Even to Defray the necessary Contingencies of the Government there appeared to be no other way than to make a Just Estimate of the Loss Sustained by everyone who had Suffered in his property on Accot of the aforesd Reasons where no Regular Estimate could be made in hope that by proper Application at Home His Majesty would be Graciously Pleas'd to give a Just Compensation Accordingly.

Whereupon the Board came to the following Resolution that every person Concerned shall make Oath before the Govr to the best of his Knowledge to the Truth of the Estimate made by him of his said Loss but that as the Government is not provided with a Fund to Defray such Charges that Copies of that Minute and an those thereunto Relating be signed by the Gorv in Order to be sent Home to enable the Sufferer to Solicit proper Compensations for the same and Duplicates of ye Several Estimates Sworn to as abovementioned to be Annex'd to sd Minutes And in Regard to Capt. John Gorham Relating to the laying out a Tract of Land on the Eastern Coast for his Bringing Familys from New England to settle thereon it is Left to the presidt to Transmitt it home & Represent thereupon What he shall judge proper.
P. Mascarene
By Order of His Honr the Presidt
& Command in Chief by and with the Advice
and Consent of Council.
Wm. Sherriff, Secty.