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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Minutes of H. M. Council, 1736-1749.51

much Contributed by the timely Succours we have received from thence to the Preservation of this Place and the Province in General, The Governor of that Province would not but take it very much amiss if this Company of Indians sent on the Public Service by him should meet with any baulk in any thing that should be necessary & in our power to procure for the Carrying on His Majestys Service, The Board having Considered of what His Honour proposed were of Opinion that the Commander in Chief may Issue out his orders authorizing & Impowering Capt Gorham or any other to take Racketts, sails Vessels Pilots Guides or any thing else that is necessary for His Majesty's service making such Satisfaction as shall be judged reasonable & allowing for the damages which shall be made appear before this Board to be justly incurred by those concerned.
Signed P. Mascarene.        

     At a Council held at the fort of Annapolis Royal by order of the Honble Paul Mascarene Esq President and Commander in Chief &c at his own house on Saturday the 8th of December 1744.

His Honor the President
William Skene Esq
Erasmus James Philipps Esq
Otho Hamilton Esq
Edward How Esq
John Handfield Esq
Edward Amhurst Esq

     His Honor the President laid befdre the Board a Petition of Captain Gorham's setting forth that there was intelligence of a great body of Indians being assembled at Menis and Chicanecto (who are supported by the assistance of the French inhabitants) which if not cut off and routed this winter will in all probability endeavour to annoy this garrison in the spring, – that therefore as his own vessel is too small and as there is vessels now in the harbor belonging to New England fit for their purpose to transport himself and Company up the Bay with the Company of Volunteers who are come here upon Governor's Shirley's proclamation to pursue the Indians and has desired him and his Company to join with them (they not thinking themselves sufficient to proceed without them), he therefore pray's His Honor and the Board that they'd please (as his vessel is not big enough) to procure a vessel for the above reasons for which he is willing to pay what this Board shall think fit by the month while in their service or if the owners of said vessel choose to run the same risk with them they shall have an eighth part of what is obtained — the Board having considered the above Petition was of opinion that the Commander in Chief should issues out his warrant to take a proper vessel according to the conditions proposed by Capt Gorham in his said Petition his said undertaking being Judged very much for his Majesty's service and it having been represented that Mr.