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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Minutes of H. M. Council, 1736-1749.79

     At a Council held at the place aforesaid the same Members present on Monday 28th October 1745.

     His Honor the President read a letter from Mr. Terriot of Chignecto in regard to the Deputies with advices of Priest De Luter's arrival there from Quebec with a shallop with presents for the Indians.

     He then acquainted the Board of what he had heard the people of Mines say in regard to the Indians behaviour in stopping and hindering them from bringing provisions hither and that some of them proposed to him that if the inhabitants there permitted the Indians to act in that manner that they the inhabitants of Mines should have no necessaries they may want from the English here, which was deferred to be further considered till an other opportunity.
Signed P. Mascarene        

     At a Council held at the place aforesaid on Monday the 4th November 1745 the same Members present.

His Honor read a letter from the Deputies of Chignecto brought by two of the said Deputies signifying that they had elected Michael Bourjeaur, Jacque Bourjeaur, Jean Hibert, and Ambrois Poirier to serve as Deputies for the ensuing year and appearing before the Board His Honor recommended to them their duty as usual and being interrogated in regard to DeLouter's return and whether he had said Mass in their chapel they said that they believed he lodged in the Presbiter and that the inhabitants attended him at Mass, for which being reprimanded attempted to excuse themselves by being long without a Priest and desired the favor of sending to Canada for one to serve them which was positively denied and in regard to the presents sent from Canada for the Indians said they knew not the quantity but that they were sent in a vessel (the burthen of which they knew not) to Gaspy and that one Boutiller of that place brought them from thence in a small vessel to Chignecto and stayed there three or four days and returned but whether he carried with him any provisions they knew not, and being asked where and with whom these presents were landed and lodged and whether they had seen them answered that if they were landed it was on that side next to the Bay Vert but whether they were or not they knew not, and said they met with some Cape Sable Indians who had two barrels of powder four bags of shot and a bale of blankets, and being asked who lives on that side of the neck to the Bay Vert answered Morris and Poirier, and being also asked if any of the inhabitants of Chignecto had been lately at Gaspy and who they were that Monsieur Dugan sent hither to see if any of the French ships were in the Bason answered that Francis Arsenau and another whose name they knew not went to Mines where said Arsenau lost his consort and took Petit Jacque LeBlanc, LeMaigre's brother, and came to this river for that information and that they knew none who had been at Gaspy but one poor man called Francis Chaudroner and that Jacque Bomo came to Mines and carried from thence grain to Chignecto.
Signed P. Mascarene