Nova Scotia Archives

Au cœur de l'Acadie

Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

82Nova Scotia Archives.

     That in the month of August following the Fort was again attack'd by a more powerful Body of the Enemy, consisting of 6 or 700 regular Troops and Indians, not without some of our French Inhabitants amongst them; they march'd thro' the Province Bag and Baggage assisted by His Majesties French Subjects with Guides, Cattle and Horses for draft to the number of near two hundred and the first and only intelligence we had a few hours before we saw them, was, that Strangers were seen and French officers and many others came out of the Woods towards the masshouse altho' their whole Body and Train was at that instant arriv'd – within 4 or 5 miles of us and was soon after drawn up Colours flying within Cannot Shot of the Fort.

     During the Enemies Stay here they were plentifully Supply'd with Provisions, Several hundred Scaling Ladders boats, Canoes and in short every other necessary the Countrey could afford but as to the English we could not get the least knowledge of the strength of our Enemy, 'tis true two of the Inhabitants threw themselves in the way to be taken by us, but it afterwards appeard by the false accounts they gave us that they were sent by the Enemy to intimidate and Deceive us by multiplying the Enemies Numbers. One of the principal Inhabitants being sent by their Commanding officer to Lewisburgh was on his Voyage taken by an English Privateer, but after having sunk his Packetts pretended he was going on his lawfull occasions and so was dismis'd and arriv'd safe there, where, from the advice he carried, Shipping was immediately ordered to reinforce the Enemy, but arriving after the land Forces were Drawn off they stay'd but a few days in our Bason.

     During all which Transactions His Majesties Government could not procure the least account of the Enemy tho' we frequently sent out Partys in the night for that purpose, but the Inhabitants who were most liable to be met with left their houses and would never suffer themselves to be surpris'd, nevertheless both men, women and children frequented the Enemies Quarters at their Mass, prayers, dancing and all other ordinary occasions; After the Enemy was retir'd we were again supply'd with Building materials and fresh provisions with more chearfulness than formerly but as some of themselves acknowledg'd the Enemy advis'd them to it telling them that whatever we might be able to do towards putting the Fort in Repair we should certainly fall into their hands the following Spring which seems agreeable to the Instructions given by the Bishop of Quebec to the Missionarys here to keep themselves and the people from giving any occasion of being expell'd the Province, that as the French were in hopes to reduce it they might find it inhabited and the Inhabitants even conceald the Ammunition and Arms left them by the Enemy –

     Accordingly a fresh Body of French Canadians and chosen Indians enter'd the Province in February following at Chignicto, carried on a Correspondence with the Inhabitants of Mines immediately on their arrival and afterwards with the Inhabitants of this River and were within twelve hours march of the Fort without our having any certain Intelligence 'till