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Au cœur de l'Acadie

Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

84Nova Scotia Archives.

conditional Oath of Allegiance will not entitle them to the Confidence and Privileges of Natural British Subjects nor can it even be expected in Several Generations especially whilst they have French Priests among them.

     The Fort of Annapolis Royal is the only one in the Province (excepting what may have been lately erected by the New England Forces at Canso) which at the first attack by the Indians last Summer was little better than a heap of rubbish, at the next attempt by the French and Indians from Lewisburgh several Breaches had been repaired and by the Spring following the rest of them were finished and considerable amendments made to the Covert-way but at best it may at this time be reckon'd a patch'd up unfinished Place and not able to· hold out long against any vigorous regular attacks.

     The Garrison is very inconsiderable, not having as yet had any reinforcement from Europe, that which we had from New England eighteen months ago being greatly diminish'd, and the men discontented, uneasy and desirous to be dismiss'd; neither have we any Vessels for the Defence of the Harbour or the least Bark for the Conveyance of packetts upon any extraordinary occasion, by which the Kings Provisions and other Necessaries for the Support of the Garrison is g'reatly expos'd even in the Harbour and the Garrison itself liable to be block'd up by a very insignificant force by Sea, several vessels having been taken in the Bason among which two Board of Ordnance Vessels with Stores for the Fort and two others with necessaries for the Officêrs and Troops.

     'Tis true the Reduction of the City of Lewisburgh lying above 100 Leagues from us is of some advantage towards the safety of Annapolis provided a Squadron of Ships of War is constantly kept Cruising in those Seas when the Season permitts, but 'tis well known how much we are expos'd in the naked Condition we now are in to a Surprise by Sea should the French be so lucky as to make use of this favourable opportunity.

     Upon the whole it is most humbly submitted whether the said French Inhabitants may not be transported out of the Province of NOVA SCOTIA and be replac'd by good Protestant Subjects.
P. Mascarene
By His Honour the Presidents Command
by and with the Advice and Consent of
the Council.
W. Shirreff, Secty.        

     At a Council held by order of the Honble Paul Mascarene Esqr President and Commandr in chief &ca at his own House in the Fort of Annapolis Royal on Thursday Jany 9th, 1745/6