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Au cœur de l'Acadie

Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Minutes of H. M. Council, 1736-1749.89

Leagues distant from Sd Isle Westerly he came a thwart a Large Ship wch he Suppos'd to be about 70 Guns from on Board of wch Some in Broken English Call'd "Strike you Dog" and heard them speak a Language he did not understand and that having got clear and sprung his Loof they fir'd upon him after wch he saw a great many Topsail Vessels with Lights and some with none, wch he endeavour'd to count and Judg'd them to be in Number about 25 standing with an easy sail to the Northward &c as pr sd Copies upon File wch being Judg'd to be the French fleet it behov'd us to Make the Best preparation we could and that as Govr Shirley had acquainted him that he was Sending here a Reinforcement of 300 men, he had given Direction to prepare Lodging for ym wch as it would occasion a further expense of Firewood, and as the Inhabitants on Acct of their Harvest had not as yet brot Home the Necessary Quantity for the Present Garrison he had therefore sent for the Deputies to speak to them upon that Head and for further supply for the Reinforcement as also for some things Necessary in regard to Captns Spry and Rouse and as there was no preventing their Hearing of these News and perhaps in a worse Light, he concluded it would be better for him to tell ym [them] as they really are and of our Expectation from the Points of our Squadron being at their Heels, and Especially as it may have this good Effect to make them believe what he has always told them and what he might further have Occasion to Offer, and ye [the] Deputys being attending they were accordingly called in.

     Then his Honr after having told them the News as above Recommended to them their Duty and told them that altho an Enemy might by force oblige them to do a great many things for their Service yet they could not absolve them from their Oath of Fidelity for that they would be always reckon'd Subjects of the Crown of Great Britain till they were Ceded and yielded up by Treaty, as he had formerly told them, and that in Case the French Fail'd in their attempt as it was hop'd they would, they might assure themselves if they Should do the Enemy any Voluntarily Service they would be some time or other Severely punished.

     For wch they answer'd they were very Sensible of what his Honr had said and Made Promises to have due Regard to the Allegiance they had Sworn to his Britannick Majesty and do all that was in their Power to Serve his Governmt.

     Then His Honr Demanded Men for the Works, after their Recess, on acct of their Harvest and told them that as Sevle in their respective Dstricts had not as yet brot home their Quotas of wood he order'd them to see that it was immediately brot to the Garrison for that he would admit of no excuse and also order'd them to take care and see that each Family in their Several Districts cut two Cord more and bring it forthwith into the Garrison for the use of ye Reinforcement to be pd for hire at the Price Stated and then Order'd to bring all their Shallops, Flatts and said Vessells under the Cannon of the Fort.

     Then he acquainted them yt Capt Spry and Captn Rous of his