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The Records of British Government at Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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being pass'd on account of their not appearing at that time, pretending that he and Said heirs were not Summon'd according to the orders of the Government and as the Said Rene Le Blanc and Several Others Concern'd in that affair, were also Come, he ask'd their opinion thereon

     Whereupon the partys Being Call'd in, the Board order'd the aforesaid Sentence to be Read, As Also Said Melansons Petition, and Both partys being heard, The Board were of opinion that the Said Philip Melanson had advanced Nothing why the former Sentence and Decree of the Board Should be in any Manner Revers'd, And therefore Agreed Nemine Contradicente that the Said Sentence bearing date the 25 th March last Should Remain in its full force agst the Defendant

Beaugaud & Sappine imprisoned

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     Then a Certifycate of Piere Le Blancs against one Beaujaud, as upon file, Signifying his unmannerly & Inhuman treatment of the Said Rene Le Blanc his ffather in law, was Read, and John Adams Esqr Informing the Board that the Said Beajaud and one John Le Blanc (alias Sappine) had Behaved themselves Sometime formerly in the time of [268] of his Excellency Governor Philipps, very Insolently and with the utmost Disrespect Imaginable to his Majesty, and Disobedience fu the orders of the Government, by inciting the Indians to take and Rescue by fforce, from one Capt Cate one John Turnoe a Runaway Apprentice, Belonging to one of his Majestys Subjects In New England, which had Been laid before the Council, and the Minutes being Searchd, and the Same being found, As Also a proclamation thereupon Issued by his Excellency, Bearing date the 19th March 1730/1; They were Examind, and ask'd if they had Ever appear'd here, in obedience to Said Decree, and being answer'd by the Said Beaujaud and Sappine, th.a.t they did not; The Board Agreed, That His Honour the Lieut Governor of the Province, Should Send them for their Insolence to Prison, till further Examin'd on that Subject