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The Records of British Government at Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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house in his Majestys Garrison of Annapolis Royall On Saturday the 20th of July 1734

His Honour the Lieut Governor of the Province
Major Paul Mascarene
William Skeen Esq
Wm Shirreff Secretary
Henry Cope Esq
Eras : James Philipps Esq
Otho Hamilton Esq

Lt. Edwards and Wm. Green's Case laid before the board & Considerd.

     His Honr Acquainted the Board That he had Received a Memorial by the hands of William Skeen Esqr from Lieut Thos Edwards Complaining highly of William Green his Covenanted Servant for not only Detaining but Imbezelling his Goods And for Refusing to Deliver them, Asper his said Memorial, According to his Order, Which he laid before the Board for their Consideration

     William Skeen Esqe Also laid before the Board The said Greens Indenture And An Affidavit transmitted from Cork in lreland of the Agreement with An Inventory of the Effects And Lieut Edwards Instructions to him for Calling the said William Green to An Accot

     All Which being Read; William Green produced his Instructions and the Inventory of the Goods left with him by his Master Lieut Edwards Which being also Read

     The Board Agreed And Were of Opinion That the said Wm Green should state his Accot and have it Ready to lay before the Board On Munday Morning the 22d Inst at 9 o' the Clock And then Adjourned

     Munday the 22d uly 1734 Mett According to Adjournmt the same Members being present

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     William Green laid his Accot of Work done and Expences in Mentaining himself and Boy before the Board; which being Read, it was agreed that he should signe it and make affidavit that it was a just, True and faithfull Accot of his Work &ce And not to Enquire any farther thereunto Untill it was [386] was Examined how far the things said by Inventory to be in the Chest and Scrutore were forthcoming