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The Records of British Government at Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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Dec. 13.

Armstrong to Sir Wm Yonge.

By virtue of a Royal warrant of Feb. 14th, 1737-8 for trial of Capt. John Jephson of Philipps' Regt. put under arrest at Canso by Major Alexander Cosby of the same regt. on Sept. 11th, 1737, "for frequent Breach of Orders, and his Irregular Conduct as an Officer." A. called a general court-martial as soon as he could get the proper number of officers together. Transmits sentence of the court. Deputy-Judge-Advocate sends whole proceedings of the Court to the Judge-Advocate-General.
Wm Shirreff Sec.ry. L. Armstrong        

Feb. 5.

Armstrong to Sir Wm. Yonge. [189
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Maj’r Alex. Cosby confined Capt. Patrick Heron (of Philipp's Regt.) at Canso on Dec. 3rd, 1737 and ordered him to Annapolis for trial. On exhibition of the Maj’r complaint against him, called a court-martial on Nov. 22nd, by virtue of Royal warrant, of Ap.1st, 1738, "as I did that of Captain Jephson's the 13th, of December last." Deputy-Judge-Advocate has sent proceedings of both Courts.
Wm Shirreff Sec.ry. L. Armstrong        

Ap. 13.

Armstrong to Capt, James Milford.1

Refers to Heron's court-martial. Some of the accusations against him are that he is indebted to some of the men of his company for their subsistence, by giving them notes and afterwards refusing to pay: proofs not clear, as Heron alleges in rebuttal that he paid the men and holds their receipts. M. directed by the general court-martial to hold a regimental court-martial to ascertain the facts "that the Men may have Justice done them." Heron also prefers counter charges against "Cosby, during his Command at Canso": and as H.'s proofs and witnesses are at Canso, M. is to examine them by means of the regimental court-martial. A. has letter from Gould forbidding further issue of clothing for more than twenty-six men, which

1. Commandant at Canso.