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Au cœur de l'Acadie

Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Governor's Letter-Book, Annapolis, 1713-1717.15

before on his own account had not Nicholson "taken pains To ruin my Creditt for wtt reasons I Can not tell,"
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Cautlfeild to Walpole.1 [26
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Having received letters from John Howe relating to clothing sent by Nicholson to be disposed of in the interests of the king, encloses account of what remains on his hands. Clothing will not sell at the prices fixed: Nicholson has sold the same cheaper at Boston. Has used all his powers to dispose of them and failed.
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May 3.

Caulfeild to Gov. Dudley.

Begs D. to care for the packets accompanying this letter, being for the service of H. M.'s garrison, and forgive the trouble C. occasions him "Our Garrison being in ye Greatest Necessity for provitions have drawne a memorial directed to ye Excelly and CounciIl of New England.” Begs D.'s interest in it, otherwise they will lie under the greatest hardships.
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May 6.

Caulfeild to the Lords of the Admiralty. [27
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Acknowledges receipt of a box directed to him from J. Burkett containing several orders relating to trade: will use all imaginable care to carry them out.

May 27.

Caulfeild to Secretary of State. [28
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Refers to letter of May 3, enclosing Button and Capon's account of the proclamation, and informing him of the garrison's want of food. Transmits the opinion of the memorial to the Government, and a letter from a Boston merchant who

1. Direction reads "To ye paymaster Gell of Gaurds and Garrisons Horacio Walpole."
2. Memo: "Mr. Manly wrote Mr. Burchett's Letter."
3. Name so spelt henceforth.

June 6.