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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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assisted them. Officer sent for the service informs C. that the Govt. of N. E. would not assist them, if this merchant had not done so. Would have caused great suffering, as C. himself has no credit in Boston through Nicholson's contriving. Their happy escape obliges C. to give this trouble, and to enclose accounts of public money left and sent by Nicholson "Lest he should Insinuate Any Thing To my prejudice on That head --- And as I formerly had the happiness of being known to you when In Spain, am thereby emboldened To Enclose you This Memorial given me by some part of ye Officers of this garrison requesting I would send Home in Their justification, Butt knowing The Author to be a man of very Indifferent principalls and prejudiest against Con’ll Vetch, Obliges me not to Creditt The Same, being well assured noe boddy Can be Soe Vnjust To represent The officers of This Garrison disaffected To ye House of Hanover There haveing Never been the Least room to Suspect To my knowledge Any officer but ye Said vane." Spellman and Simpson who "waite on you with This" will give further information regarding the garrison.

Caulfeild to the Secretary of War. [29
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Refers to letter of May 3 informing S. of W. of the garrison's necessity, and of being obliged to send to N. England for help. Encloses opinions of the officers on the memorial to the Govr and Council of N. England, letter from Boston merchant and report of officer sent on that occasion: which shows that if "ye Said Clark" had not considered our wants, H. M.'s garrison must have suffered severely. Encloses Commissary's return of provisions and account of money left and sent by Nicholson. Hopes to hear of some better arrangement before these are expended. Encloses memorial by some part of the officers of this garrison to be sent home in their justification. C. knowing the author to be of indifferent principles and prejudiced against Col. Vetch does not put any faith in it "and Captt Armstrong refusing an Attested Coppy of Those paragraphs in ye Said Letter wrote by Vane." Believes nobody could be so unjust as to represent the officers of the garrison