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The Records of British Government at Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

212Nova Scotia Archives.

the Governor before the end of March to answer the charge laid against him by Guillaume Bourgeois in a paper, copy of which has been sent to Leger. Wishes them to execute summons before witnesses and report as soon as possible.

Annapolis, Oct. 14, 1736.
Otho Hamilton Sec.taire        

0rder to Deputies of Chignecto.

Guillaume Bourgeois "Habitant d'icy" has complained to the Governor-in-council that certain inhabitants of Beaubassin, namely Jean Mouton, Pierre Oliver, Charles Ie Forgeron, and Le Breton has taken lands belonging to him and his partners "comme iI pretens prouver par un Contrait de Concession & d'autres papiers." As the Council cannot decide the case without hearing both sides, the Deputies are required to summon these men to appear before the Governor-in-council before the end of March, to answer to the charges of Bourgeois, copy of which is enclosed.

Annapolis, Oct. 16, 1736.
Otho Hamilton Sec.taire        

Order Appointing James O'Neal Rentgatherer and Notary Public at Chignecto.1 [150

Preamble states that proper persons have been appointed by Philipps and Armstrong "at Menis, the places adjacent & at Annapolis Royal" "to Attend his Majesty's Service in Collecting & Gathering all his Majesty's just rights and Demands in the aforesaid Districts," but that Chignecto is still unprovided. O'Neal hereby appointed "to be Gatherer & Collector of all his Majesty's Land rents, Quit rents, ffines of allienation & all other Debts, Dues or Demands as were wont to be paid in former times to their Seigniors, in the District of Chicanecto & the Places adjacent." He is to keep proper books, give

1. Direction reads "To Mr. James Oneal Inhabitant of Chiconecto, Surgeon."