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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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to allow him a free passage "Without any Lett or Molestation." Passport to be valid for three months from date.

Annapolis, Ap. 23, 1740.
P. Mascarene        

Order for Running a Dividing Line. [206

H. M. Council, having examined the difference between Alexander and William Trahan, of Minas, in regard to the dividing line between their properties, and having heard the evidence and passed Judgment, this is to empower W. Winnett Esq., Capt. Peter Blin and Capt. Nath’l Donnel "Jointly Or Either of Them to Draw the said Line which is to Run South South West, Beginning from a Station Called L'Estang at the place where formerly a Vessel Stood, and to Assist them wherein The Gentlemen Above Named or Either of them as Aforesaid are to make Choice of Some of the Ancientest Best Knowing and Least Interested Inhabitants of Minas Amongst Whom some of these who were Employ'd in the Drawing of the Line According to the First Agreement Between the Partys are If possible to be Chosen and to state the said Line after it is fairly Taken with a True and well Approv'd Compass with such marks as may be well known to Both the Partys unto which the said Partys are to Abide under the Penalty of Paying the Sum of" £100 or 1200 livres "By Either of them who shall Presume to Transgress this Sentance."

Annapolis, May 7, 1740.
P. Mascarene        

Postscript.1 Alexander and William Trahan are further recommended to make a fair and friendly division of the land enclosed and open, meadow, upland, and wood, following the line mentioned in tile preceding order, as far as Jean le Blanc's: in order to avoid further disputes and law-suits. And he who by his obstinacy shall bring about a new suit

1. In French.