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Acadian Heartland

The Records of British Government at Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Governor's Letter-Book, Annapolis, 1713-1717.3

own papers, etc., that he has acted arbitrarily and illegally, assuming powers he had no right to, and cheating the Govt. by appointing officers for which he had no authority. " I find he hath vsed all ways and means to Cheate her Majty and her Subjects in the affairs of the Garrison as far as itt was possible for him to do," N. objects to C.'s bills of credit; no more to be issued; and a strict account to be kept of those already circulated. Sends by Sir Chas. Hobby 5 or £600 N. England currency, which he has borrowed for expenses of garrison. Recommends economy in the repair of the fortifications, and that soldiers be employed for the work. Garrison must be provided with firing. Would be glad to serve Winniett, but cannot allow my office, much less a salary not provided by commission. If Vetch writes for certificates of good conduct, he is to be prevented from obtaining them, in all lawful ways. Alden to be examined on oath as to what papers he brings with him; they are to be opened in the presence of the addressees, and all relating to Vetch or the affairs of the garrison are to be detained, and copies given. If V. insinuates that N. has some design against the garrison, no credit is to be given to "such a Lying fellow." No more sutlers to be allowed in the fort or town; soldiers to have little or no credit; officers not to involve themselves in debt. Will write again by Hobby, Alden is in haste to sail.
ffr. Nicholson.        

P. S. If Davis Jackson or any other adherent of Vetch's comes with Alden, he and his papers are to be secured.
(initialed. )
ffr. N-        

Caulfeild to Nicholson. [5
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Hopes that letters sent by Simpson arrived. Number of sutlers reduced from eleven to six; if further reduction is desired, let it be known. Magazines of ordnance cannot be ex- amined until the weather is more favorable. Hutchisson's return of stores on hand, and of those furnished by Borland, enclosed. Garrison in want of food, as shown by Capoon's

Oct. 11.